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Arasys Microcurrent Inch Loss San Diego - Body Sculpting - Body Contouring

At Synergy Advanced Medical Aesthetics, we specialize in in Arasys Microcurrent Inch Loss in the greater San Diego area. Arasys Microcurrent Inch Loss, also known as Inch Loss and Body Contouring System, uses technology that sends out a microcurrent electrical stimulation to gently pulse your body’s muscles and not harsh electrical currents that make your muscles jerk or twitch. This form of technology naturally and safely allows for the heart muscles to work normally while getting the body muscles to work as the same as actual physical exercise. Because muscle tissues usually do not work individually, the Arasys System targets those particular muscles and stimulates them while tricking your brain into thinking that your body is actually doing a working. This treatment also can be called “Passive Exercise” and lasts about 20 minutes in a series of treatments at our San Diego office.

This relatively new technology that has swept the nation, as well as, here in San Diego has been featured on many broadcasts including The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as, on Fox News. One single session using Arasys is equivalent to around 300 sit-ups or about 400 buttock raises but without the chore of actually working out. As a result, you can expect to lose inches off your waist while building muscle tone. Arasys Microcurrent Inch Loss also breaks down cellulite and detoxifies your body without difficulty. The system is very successful in constricting loose muscle especially after a pregnancy.

How safe is the Arasys Microcurrent Inch Loss system?

The body contouring equipment we use is classified by the FDA as a Class I device which is the safest classification you can get. The FDA defines Class I devices as “These devices present minimal potential for harm to the user and are often simpler in design than Class II or Class III devices.” Our San Diego office has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff to guide you so your mind can be at ease though the treatment.

How is a session of Arasys treatment different from a regular workout?

When you exercise, the glucose in your body is burned off and as a result, you will get more tired as you work out more. When using Arasys, you do not use any of the glucose stored in your muscles which means you won’t feel any effects of tiredness. You also won’t have any sore muscles like you do with a normal work out. Another reason of how Arasys is different from a workout is that Arasys targets individual muscles which can be a bit difficult with a regular exercise session.

What is Arasys most effective for?

As we mentioned before, this system is effective after post-pregnancy body sculpting by tightening muscles around the belly area. It also helps break down cellulite and detoxifies your body with ease. In terms of “working out,” Arasys, can help tone and build muscles with a few short treatment sessions without the pain of going to the gym. These muscles can exclusively be targeted to give you the best results while being in a comfortable and a relaxed environment with our experienced staff.

The current Arasys was developed by Gerry Pollock in the UK after 17 years of research and after the successes of the previous versions of the system. After through testing by the FDA, the system was approved and was brought to the United States market in March 2004.

For more information on our Arasys Microcurrent Inch Loss services, please Contact Us For a Free Consultation or call us Toll Free at 1-800-877-8872.
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