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Well, my skin looks fabulous!!! Each day, my skins looked better and better, and now I only have a couple freckles left near my jaw line. I love how soft and smooth my skin is now, and all my little fine lines and sun damage seem to have vanished. I love it!! Thank you. I've been getting a lot of compliments.

Brittany G..
San Diego, CA


"JODY IS AWESOME! She made me feel so comfortable and knowledgeable of what is happening with the treatment. What a huge difference from the last time I had a facial. I learned a lot from her. My face feels and looks incredible, what a difference the treatment made. Thank you for everything you have been doing for me... I woke up this morning liking myself again!"

Stephanie O..
San Diego, CA


"I love what you did to my lips! I never thought that it would be such a big deal to me, but you did such a nice job and it looks so natural. The line is just more defined and the lower lip a bit fuller. It's fun putting on lipstick. I really am enjoying the effect. I am thrilled with the overall effect of the Restylane. It's so much easier on the eyes when I look in the more big craters! You did a great job. Thanks again, Autumn."

Also, I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my facial with Jodie. She's just super! I really like her. The facials are so relaxing and much better than previous ones (by others). She does a super job and always takes time to be helpful, answer questions ....and I am really excited about all my new makeup goodies! You two are a great team!

Barbara W.
San Diego, CA


"When I turned 58, I did not like what I was seeing in the mirror. In addition, there were no more compliments on the skin or looking younger. This confirmed that I was looking older than I wanted. Your treatments change all this. Now I get compliments on my skin. People can't beleive I am turning 60. My bookeeper, who is 42 said that she thought I was only a few years older. This result was only with the skin and wrinkle treatments alone. Then I did the restylane and botox and it was even more amazing.

This encouraged me to take it a step further and cut my hair to a nice neck lenght after wearing my hair long for 20 years. The braces came off three ago, a little whitening job and wow I feel like a new person. Everyone is loving the new Jinny. My husband says he has a new girlfriend now!

Jinny E.
North County


"My skin has never looked better! Synergy is different and it works. After visiting several "feel good" salons for skin care, I was not getting the results I had hoped for. At Synegy Aesthetics, you are under the care of medical professionals who specialize in anti aging and medical-based decision making regarding skin care. With the latest treatments and physician-perscribed skin care products, I have reduced fine lines, removed brown spots and taken years off the appearance of my skin. Many people comment on my skin and ask me what I have done. I tell them, it all starts with one visit! "

Dana Fudurich
Del Mar, CA

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